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Tour Details

With this 6 (six) days tour, you’ll discover charming towns and unexplored natural wonders. 

Two major historical factors made the Balkans what they are today: The primary was the gash of the Roman Empire in the fourth century a.d., separating the Balkans along the middle into Roman Catholic (west) and Byzantine Orthodox (east) The following was the invasion of the Islamic Ottomans in the 14th century.

This will allow us to be the witnesses of authentic historic buildings, great value of town exploring where east meets west.

With this tour, you’ll discover charming towns and unexplored natural wonders. Drive along the streets that encircle romantic Sarajevo, wander through the Roman ruins in the heart of bustling Jajce. Feel the spray from the waterfalls at Kravice waterfalls National Park. Drive Mountain passes in Bosnian’s idyllic mountains. And take side-trips to Bjelasnica’s impressive ski resort and the Turkish-flavored city of Mostar in Bosnia-Herzegovina.



Day 1 Arrival at the airport, Sarajevo

Our driver along with your tour escort (if group is more than 8+)whom will be with you all the time will wait for you at the exit point of the airport with a sign of your group name Departure from the airport to the hotel in Sarajevo, located in the center of the old town. (Duration: 30 min. drive)

Check in at the hotel and refresh. 2 pm meet your local guide for Sarajevo tour.

With this tour you will be introduced with the history, culture and food of the city of Sarajevo. Admire the symbol of the Austro-Hungarian rule, hear the story about the Spite House, and go through two streets where you’ll learn more about different crafts which have existed in Sarajevo since 15th century. Try the most local delicious: “cevapi” and discover why you’re forbidden to kiss anyone after that. Discover the heart of the Ottoman rule – Sarajevo’s Bascarsija then drink water from Sebilj fountain and come back to Sarajevo again.

Discover churches and mosque, the houses of God in Sarajevo and find out why people call it a “European Jerusalem”. Learn about the hospitality over a cup of Bosnian coffee and share the importance and the meaning of its drinking. See the line between two worlds – Eastern and Western. Finally, try “baklava” the main domestic desert of Bosnia.

Tour spots: City Hall, Spite house, Bravadziluk and Kazandziluk,Caravan Saray,Ghazi Husrev Bey's Mosque, Clock Tower, The Assassination 1914 of Franz Ferdinand, Ghazi Husrev-Bey's Bazaar
Jewish Quarter, Sarajevo Cathedral, Synod Orthodox Church

6 pm Afternoon take your time to enjoy Sarajevo night life with his numerous bars, restaurants and colorful night life. 8 pm Dinner and overnight at hotel in Sarajevo.

Day 2 After breakfast explore Sarajevo while walking the tumble stoned streets and shops with local handcraft and workshops. 1 pm Lunch at the local Restaurant in the old city of Sarajevo.

2 pm After lunch meet your local guide in Sarajevo at the hotel reception and join us for one of our most popular tour where the main attraction is the Tunel of hope.

During this tour we will try to show you everything that Sarajevo’s lived through from 1992-1995. At the beginning, we drive to one of the most attractive panoramas of the city. From this place we will explain the siege of Sarajevo. We’ll visit the cemetery of heroes who unarmed stood for a defense of this town and gave their own lives for its freedom. This tour encompass second panorama and visit to another place from which the aggressor was terrorizing the inhabitants of Sarajevo.

Tour spots: Sehid Cemetery, White Fortress – Panorama , Markale Market, FBH presidency, Olympic buildings - Kosevo Stadium and Zetra Sport Hall, Maternity , National Museum ,Marshal Tito Barracks etc.

5 pm depart to Bjelasnica mountain

Mount Bjelasnica is in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, situated South-West, only 25 km from Sarajevo. Beside is Mount Igman on which most of the Alpine and Nordic disciplines and jumps of the XIV Olympic Games were held in 1984. 6 pm Check in to the Hotel and enjoy in the beautiful evening scenery of the mountain.Dinner and overnight at the hotel in Bjelasnica where the beautiful white Forrest is unlighted and gives you an opportunity to go out in the evening and feel like being in the fairy tale of snow white.

Day 3 Jajce- Banja Luka

Enjoy the morning adventure with motor ski and outdoor grill for lunch on Bjelasnica.

Afternoon departure for Banja Luka

The ride to Banja Luka will take us around 2:30 hours. En-route stops at very interesting places with the amazing flow of beauty called river Vrbas and of course river Bosnia. As we had into the town of Banja Luka enjoy in the amazing colors of the monuments and historical buildings at your panoramic tour by bus.

Check in at the hotel. Dinner and overnight at the hotel in Banja Luka. In the evening you will have the opportunity to try out the best desert in Banja Luka at the patisserie Ciambella.

Day 4 Banja Luka

After breakfast we will start the sightseeing tour of the city with highlights of the famous Trapist monastery in Banja Luka, the Orthodox Cathedral right in the middle of Banja Luka, Museum of the Serbian Republic that shows a comprehend save history of the area from stone age to modern times. It is. There are ethnographic artifacts - clothing, musical instruments, tools, etc. The Kastel fortress and we finish our tour at the most popular and the biggest market in Banja Luka, the famous Trznica so you will have free time for shopping.

After shopping and lunch there is an optional cave trip to visit one of the most interesting caves in Banja Luka area.

Afternoon departure to Mostar. Dinner and overnight in Mostar

Day 5 Mostar

The city where the North meets the South and the West meets the East, Mostar is a city of poetry, stone and narrow streets-- a place where the traveler from the North feels the first dashes of Mediterranean air. An exceptional town because of its dwellings and monuments, we guide you through these sites for this half-day of history and culture.

The tour's city sights include: The Franciscan Church of St. Peter and Paul, A beautiful stone Bridge. The Old Bazaar, The Turkish House, One of the many old Mosques

After the guided tour of the town you will have free-time for strolling around, browsing among the many old craft shops. Lunch in one of the picturesque local restaurants. Dinner and overnight in Mostar.

Day 6 Dec Blagaj – Buna– Waterfalls Kravice – Jablanica

After breakfast in the hotel you can have output to Blagaj, located 15 minutes drive from Mostar, where situated on the Buna River, whose spring is there. It was capital of the Earth Humska or Huma, the region called Herzegovina since the half of the 15th century.

Continue to the Waterfalls Kravice With waterfalls stretching over 100m across and tumbling down 25m, Kravica is one of the largest waterfalls in Herzegovina and certainly the most impressive. The waterfalls have a natural pool dug out at the base of the falls by the constant rush of water.

The tour ends in a nicely decorated wine cellar where you will taste the wine cellar products, home cheese and dry ham at the popular shrine of Medjugorje, which you can explore for a 30 minutes walking tour.

14.00 On the way to the airport Sarajevo stop for dinner at Jablanica. 16.00 Here we’ll stop for lamb on a spit. People drive for miles for this - it’s tasty, unique and above all an absolute must for any self-respecting carnivore interesting in sampling a truly definitive Bosnian dish. 19.00 Continue for check in at the airport.

During the tour, every hotel is located in the center of the cities and gives you an opportunity for free exploring of the town, night shopping as well enjoy in the out life with the locals.

Please Contact Us for more information regarding the tour / hotel, or to begin customizing your own itinerary. More Info


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Guided tour by professional local guide is optional and not included in this tour.




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